Vinyl Flooring in Coburg

Vinyl flooring offers a waterproof, hard-wearing and long lasting flooring alternative.
When it comes to the wet areas, kitchens and heavy trafficked areas in home or office, vinyl is often an excellent flooring solution. Whether it is sheet vinyl or vinyl tiles, it is a favourite for providing comfort, warmth and quietness underfoot.

Commercial vinyls are designed to take a beating and also offer safe surfaces to work on especially in applications such as restaurant kitchens, school classrooms and medical surgeries.

Shapes, sizes & textures have changed since the 70’s – timber plank looks and slate tile designs are some of the many possibilities.  Not to mention mosaic, pebble and even marble look vinyl tiles are available.  Surprisingly, they look like the real thing without the cleaning and maintenance headaches.

We have an extensive range of sheet, vinyl tiles and commercial vinyls to chose from- come into the showroom to make your short list of sample preferences for us to bring to your onsite check measure.